Weekly photo challenge: Today

The Weekly Photo Challenge is Today. Just take a picture of anything today. I took this picture last night, I am posting it today because the internet just got installed today. I missed my computer. We are pretty much moved into my new house. I got two new couches and 1 love seat, that came with 4 pillows each (12 total). My son piled all the pillows up around him, so I took his picture. He is under all those pillows.


My son got two pairs of paper glasses to view the eclipse from school. I started going outside around 5:20 PM. You could see the moon just coming near the bottom edge of the sun. You could see the sun really well through the dark, dark glasses. At one time, when I took off the glasses, the sun hit me in the eyes and it was blinding bright. I thought “Oh no, I burned my eyes, I will be blind.” I only looked at it for a second, but it was so bright. It took a while for the black spot to dissappear from my vision. At about 6:00 PM, the moon was starting to cover more of the sun. I stood there and watched it edge over the sun. The sun was cresent shaped. Then the moon started to cover more and more of the sun. It was looking like it was starting to get dark outside.

Then the clouds started forming and covered the sun. “NO”. I stood there waiting for a peak of the sun, with the moon in front of it.

I stood there looking and looking and finally the clouds parted and the moon was over the sun. It looked like a shiny gold ring around the moon. It looked amazing. I lifted up my camera to take a picture but it was too bright. I did capture some neat sun rays and if you look, you can see a reflection that must have been made in the blue part of the sky. A circle that is bright but has a dark center.

 The clouds then covered the sun and when I could finally see it again, the moon was just covering the top corner of the sun. I did get to see it though, it was wonderful. I guess the next one will be 35 years from now. I told my son he will be 49 years old then. He can remember that he saw it this year.

Weekly photo challenge: Hands

The weekly photo challenge is Hands.

I was watching the TV show America’s Got Talent last night. (I had it recorded.) I noticed that Howie Mandel comes out into the audience and runs fast through the crowd of people. His hands are clenched tight. He is afraid of germs on people.

Then Howard Stern comes out into the audience and goes to hug Howie. Howie puts his hands to his chest, hands clenched tight in fists. He avoids Howard’s hug. He probably is freaked out because Howard’s hands touch him.

Then Sharon comes out and she is happy and makes a heart with her hands. She makes a hand shaped heart a lot.

Then a man used whole theater as an instrument. He strung wires all over the place and used his hands to play music on the wires. It was kinda neat sounding.


My apartment is on the 1st floor. There is another apartment on the 2nd floor over me. A man and a woman live in that apartment. They have a little dog, with short legs. He looks like a sausage with short stubby legs. He is white with brown patches on his head. They take him out to go do his thing in the grass outside. Then he runs up the stairs. You can hear him go up the stairs through the wall of my son’s bedroom. I don’t think the wall is insulated or sound proofed because you can hear the people stomp down the stairs and even put on their shoes at the door. They have a cat, and sometimes the cat sits at the door and meows loudly for a long time, to go out. My son says that the cat meows at the door and he can hear it at night. It keeps him awake. The man was outside and said hello once. I told him his cat meows at the door at night and it bothers my son. He told me the only solution was for him to kill the cat. I said “Don’t kill the cat.” I would think that he could close the cat in a room for the night to keep it from sitting downstairs at the door meowing for hours. I should have told him to kill the cat. I bet he would not have done it.   But….I didn’t.

I saw the cat outside one day, with the woman. He is a huge cat. I think the cat is bigger than the dog. He was rolling around the dirt outside my window. She was standing there on the grass, waiting for the cat to roll around a few minutes. She then picked up the cat, huge and heavy, and carried him back into her apartment. You could hear her thudding up the stairs.

After they take their dog outside, you can hear the dog running across the room upstairs. He makes a thudding noise. It sounds heavy and his little short legs thud a lot. He runs around a few times and stops. I can tell when the man is home because he walks heavy and everytime he walks, the floor goes thud. The woman walks more quietly and the floor just creeks.

Yesterday she cleaned. You could hear her vacuum going. It is really loud sounding thru the floor. It sounds like she hits the walls with it and picks it up and thuds it down a lot. I think she must have vacuumed 4 times yesterday. She must have picked up furniture and thudded it down hard because it was really loud.

They walk around their apartment a lot sometimes and it makes a lot of noise.

I think they got a surround sound system for their TV in December. Now when they listed to their TV, the sound booms down the wall and you hear it for hours. When they have an action movie going, they turn it up and it is even louder and there are a lot of explosion sounds. It rattles the walls.

I can hear her running the vacuum cleaner again. She is constantly running the vacuum.

The lady that is going to rent our apartment stands on the sidewalk outside our window. We will be sitting at our table and look out the window and there is this lady just standing there. She has stood there several times. I think she might be concerned about the dogs barking in the houses that we can see from our apartment. When she stands there, the dogs are not barking. But they bark all the time. They bark all day. They bark all night. They bark at everything. They bark when the hear a siren. I sleep with ear plugs in my ears so I don’t hear them bark.

I can’t wait to move to my house.



TWO MORE WEEKS till my house is done. I can’t wait to move.

Weekly photo challenge: Unfocused

The Weekly photo challenge this week is Unfocused.

I got out my camera to unfocus the picture. My camera does not like shooting not focused. I put some plastic wrap over the lens to make it unfocus. This is a lamp I have.

This one is of the dried dirt I took the other day. I sat the camera on the dirt but most of the dirt is unfocused. It still kind of looks neat though.

Sunday post: Nature

Over at Jakesprinters he has a photo challenge called Sunday post. This week it is Nature.

Here is my picture of Nature. Yesterday a squirrel was up in the tree eating the new tree buds. The wind was blowing hard and the tree and shaking up and down but the squirrel did not fall off.

Fried Twinkie

The other day I was watching Home Shopping Network. They were selling a fryer by Wolfgang Puck. I watched him fry all kinds of food, so I ordered the fryer. They had it marked down, plus free shipping, how could I not order it. I had bought a Fry Daddy at Walmart and hated it. It had no temperature adjustment, no basket. The food just fell to the bottom and burned. They give you a plastic scoop to scoop out the food, and it melted all over the bottom and would not clean off. I took at back to Walmart and told them it was awful to use. The fryer I ordered, came in the mail in just 2 days. I love it. I fried tempora shrimp and it tasted great. Then my son said he wanted me to fry a Twinkie cake. I found a recipe and made the batter and fried it. I also made a video of it too.

Put your Twinkie in the freezer to get it cold a few hours first.

The batter:

1 cup milk, 2 tablespoons vanilla, 1 cup flour, 1 tsp. baking powder and 1/2 tsp salt, 1 tablespoon vegetable oil.

Mix the dry ingredients and then add the liquid. Whisk together. Dip the Twinkie in the batter but let some drip off. Put in 375 degree oil and fry until golden color. Drain on a paper towel and let it cool a few minutes. Sprinkle some powdered sugar all over it and eat it.

My son loved it. I took a bit, it reminded me of a funnel cake with a cream center. My son said it made him feel happy to eat it.

You can watch my video on how to make it here.

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