A rabbit, looking for shade.

It is hot outside. We were sitting at our table and looking out the window. There are the flower bushes I took a picture of the other day and then there are pine trees and big jagged rocks all over the ground. The other day they shoveled up all the rock around the bushes by our patio and wall just outside our window. They put in some fine pebble dirt that looks like kitty litter and then some bigger small pebble gravel. There were two squirrels running though the kitty litterĀ gravel-dirt. They were digging and laying in it and totally messed up the smooth raked out look the landscapers so diligentlyraked out smooth. There are lots of quail birds with lots of babies running around outside. There must be 20 or 30 of them. They all ran over to the bushes, trying to stand under the tiny amount of shade. They like digging in the kitty litter gravel too. They dig out a little hole and lay down in the dirt. They all ran when I tried to take their picture. Then this rabbit came up to the bush to lay in the shade. He dug out the gravel, probably to find a cool patch of ground and then proceeded to stretch out and lay under the bush.

He lay there and his eyes slowly started to close, halfway asleep, when the quails came back and ran under the bush. He ran away. I guess he didn’t want to share the shade with the birds.

The other day I saw a big hawk fly by. He looked big enough to grab a rabbit or squirrel and fly away. That is probably why the rabbit was hiding close to our apartment.

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