Don’t let that thought slip away.

Today I read on WordPress a post about remembering things you think of to post. 

It really hit home because I think all the time “That would make a good post to blog.”  Then I later forget about it and I never remember them.  Today I just grabbed some paper and wrote out my ideal about a post.  I will post that one another day, when I can’t think of anything to write. 

I also had a great ideal.  My MP3 player is a SanDisk Sansa.  It has a record feature.  When I had a thought about a post, I hit the record button on the Sansa and talked into it.  Now I can forget about it and listen to it another day when I sit down and have nothing to post, I can listen to what I said and type it. 

One day I saw a TV show about these people that can remember everything that they ever did.  They can name the day of the week and what they had for dinner.  It is like they file every moment of their life in their brain.  I can’t do that, but I can go back on my blog and read it and pretty much remember what I did for that day. 

Heck you could even record it on your MP3 player and save it on a flash drive and listen to what you did everyday, if you wanted to. 

My blog is kind of like a journal.  I write about what I did, or think.  When I go back and look at pictures, I can remember what I was doing at that moment. 


I like how my calendar picture turned out today.  I drew a Lego guy.

Picture for Jan. 22, 2011 is

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