Do you know the gingerbread man?

I made Gingerbread cookies. They turned out cute. —–>
I did the one with the black shoes. The black shoes was from icing that I bought from the store. It comes in a little tube for writing on a cake. Well, I put it on the cookie for the eyes and shoes and fingertips. The rest of the icing, I made a royal icing. You just take powdered egg whites and powdered sugar and mix it up and make it a little thin. Then just spread it on the cookie or pipe it on. I only had one bag so I just piped on the white. I think it would be easier it you had a bag for each color, but I didn’t buy but one bag. The black icing did not ever dry, it was always sticky and smeared, so don’t use that. I didn’t want to make a black icing, so I would suggest doing the shoes in a different color, unless you want to make black, which I think would be a hard color to make. You just use store bought food coloring. I made a video but I have to edit it, so come back in a few days if you want to see the video. My son thinks the cookies are too pretty to eat. He ate one last night and I said I wanted one. He said “No, I want to eat them.” He gave me the arms off his cookie. His favorite color is yellow, so I made him a couple of yellow cookies. I have a store bought box with a bear cookie cutter, so I will have to make those too.

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