More wild horse pictures

One day, I saw two groups of wild horses, standing in this big field, beside our houses. I stopped my car and walked over to the field to look at all the wonderful horses. There was the group of brown horses, standing on one side of the field. Their brown leader stallion was standing there, watching over them.

The black stallion was the leader of the heard of all colors. His heard was bigger. Every once in a while the black horse would charge over to the brown leader and they would circle each other and snort and stomp their feet and look at each other. Then the black one would move away and stand there and watch the other one.

The horses of all colors, brown, white, and black and cream color, all walked over to the fence to look at me.

These two colts were playing. They would jump and run circles around each other. They were so cute.

The black stallion walked up and looked at me once.

He looked all dusty up close. They all walked away from the fence and went over to the middle of the field. They are so beautiful and wonderful. The BLM are rounding them up. Go here to sign a petiton to stop them from being sold to slaughter houses.

Sign the petition here. I did.

They are so beautiful.


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