Slow cooker chicken


I just cooked the  best meal and I wanted to write down how I made it. Each bite I took made me go yummmm.  I got a Hamilton Beach slow cooker at Walmart. It is the 5 quart one. It was $18. I am sure if you have a better slow cooker it will work great, but this one cooked the chicken perfect.

You take chicken breasts, trimmed of all fat. Mine were big and I used two. Next time I will use 3 but these were big pieces and I cut them in half to make 4 pieces. This was enough for 3 people. My husband just told me to cook 6 chicken breasts next time. I said we need to buy a bigger slow cooker then.

I put the chicken in the bottom the pot.  Then I peeled about 8 small potatoes and cut them in half. I got the potatoes at the 99 cent store and they were Yukon gold potatoes. I should have put more of them in too because they were so good.  Put them in the pot on one side of the chicken.

Cut up some carrots and put them in the pot on the other side of the chicken. I used 6 carrots. My son loves carrots so next time I will probably put about 9 of them in there.

Then take 1/4 cup of olive oil.

I used the juice of one orange, put it in the olive oil.

1 teaspoon of dried Italian seasoning. (That is was the bottle says.)

1 teaspoon onion powder

I used some garlic salt, probably 1 tsp. Or use fresh garlic. I didn’t have any.

Mix that all together and then pour it over everything in the pot, the chicken, potatoes and carrots.

Put the lid on and turn on high and cook for 4 hours. That is it.  Then eat it. The chicken tastes so tender and good.  I can’t wait to make it again, but with more chicken, potatoes and carrots. They taste so good, you will want more.   DSC_0007 (2)Do not open the pot after you close it, until it is done.


Slow cooked Pork

I cooked the pork shoulder.  I put it in my big cast iron pot, I think it is a 6 qt.  It is covered in porcelain.  I trimmed a lot of the fat off.  One whole side is covered in fat, so I cut that off the best I could.  It still has a lot of fat all through it, but it melts off.  I put a little bit of water in the pan.  You don’t need to do that.  I started cooking it on 250F degrees.  I turned it on about 10PM.  At 4:oo am, I got up to check it.  You could smell it cooking all over the house.  I tried taking it out to the garage, but the plugs didn’t work out there.  I guess something out there tripped the breaker.  So I carried it all back into the kitchen.  I opened the pot.  It had a lot a liquid in it.  The pot was half full of liquid.  I took a lot of the liquid out.  All that fat melts and makes liquid.  I put the pot back in the Nesco and turned the temp down to 225F.  I cooked it until about 10:30 AM the next morning, so it cooked for 12 hours.  I put on rubber gloves and took the pork out of the pot and pulled it all apart and threw away the fat parts.  Shred it up with a fork.  It is fall apart tender.  It turned out really good. 

I put it on toasted bread and poured on BBQ sauce.  I think it

would be better on a bun next time.  You end up with a lot  of meat.

I have been watching Food Network, and they go to a lot of B-B-Q places and they say they all slow cook the pork shoulder.  Now I know how to make some good homemade pulled pork sandwiches.