Sunday Post: People

Jakesprinter has Sunday Post. This week it is People.

When I was at the Reno Balloon races, there were so many people there. I was waiting, so I took a few pictures of the people. I just snapped a few pictures and didn’t even look at them, until I saw this challenge for people.

I took this picture of a man with a nice camera, taking a picture. He didn’t even know I was taking a picture of him.

There were these people, laying on the ground, covered in blankets, sleeping. They must have been at the balloon glow, or else they just slept there all night. But if you notice in the background, there are more people, one guy is taking another picture of a guy holding a baby, while this lady is looking something in a bag. It is interesting seeing what other people were doing also. I was just looking at the sleeping people, noticing that one of them had dreadlocks.

The sun had just come up and was shining all over the crowd. I took this picture because the ballon was not attached to the basket. It was very crowded, people waiting for the balloons to go up, but the races was cancelled because of the wind.


Sunday post: Autumn (Wild horses).

Jakesprinter has Sunday post. Today he said to put up Autumn pictures. It is still hot where I live this September 16th day. Right now it is 89 degrees outside. Today I was watering my wilting bushes in my front yard because I have to dig a hole to plant them. I saw a horse on the corner so I ran and got my camera. Then I saw more and more horses. I told my son to get a carrot, so he got a couple of them and I threw them toward them. They walked over and ate the carrot, that was in the road. They were getting a drink of water in the gutter.

There were 16 or 17 horses, they all started walking in the street right beside me.

They walked right past me and some came up in the yard right beside my yard. I don’t have grass, but the lady next door to me does. They came up into the yard and was eating her grass.

They went across the street and was standing in the yards, some of the colts were laying down in the grass, taking a nap, one was scratching his head on the sticks by a tree.

They stayed there a while eating the grass, then they kept walking down the street, into peoples yards.

I could walk really close to them, they didn’t bother me. They were healthy looking and their coats were shiny. They were beautiful.

Sunday Post- Morning

Jakesprinter has a Sunday post, this week it is Morning.

I woke up at 5:15 this morning. The Reno hot air ballon races were today. We got tickets for parking, so we were going to go. I didn’t want to get out of bed. The balloons are supposed to launch at 6:30. They also have a glow show, where the balloons air up in the dark. I didn’t want to be there that early. We got there about 6:15. It was very crowded. You walk out into a field and wait. They air up two balloons and launch them with flags. Then airplanes fly over while they play the national anthom.

Then we waited some more. The balloons didn’t launch. The guy spoke over the loud speakers. “The race has been called off. The wind is too strong, so there will be no balloon race today.” So it was over before it even started. We drove home. That my my Sunday morning.

Sunday post: Black & white

Jakesprinter has Sunday post and today is use a picture Black and white.

The other day, an old picture fell out of this box I was unpacking.

We lived Las Vegas, NV. My father liked to drive out to these old mines out in the middle of nowhere. There would be old rusted out iron things for mines. He had an old 1954 pickup. My sister and I would have to sit in the back of the pickup truck, because my brother would sit up front with my father. I remember the hot wind blowing my hair into knots and tangles. I am the one on the left. I think it was in 1971, or around that year. We would go peer into these old mines, usually a very deep hole in the ground with old dry rotted boards across the top. I was afraid to go too close, so I would not fall in.

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