San Antonio, TX : Riverwalk and Alamo

We drove to San Antonio, TX to see the Alamo and the river walk. It was cold in the morning. We stayed at an RV park and called a taxi to take us to the Alamo. The taxi ride was $33. Is was so crowded. There was a long, long line to get in to see the Alamo. It is free to get in but it was cold waiting in line. A lot of it is shaded. It took an hour to get in the door of the old building.


It is not that big and you get to see a couple of guns and Davy Crocket’s vest. Not that much to see inside. They also have a gift shop and some other buildings that you can’t go into. There was an old fountain so I took a picture of that, but I doubt that was around when the Alamo was built.

IMG_0046 (2)

We then walked over to the River walk.

IMG_0048 (2)u

We walked around and found a Mexican food restaurant. They have tables outside by the water but it was cold so we went inside to eat. The first restaurant we went into was not busy. We sat down but the waiter never came over to even give us a menu. So we got up and left and found another restaurant and they waited on us. It was busy but they had good service and the food was good. There are lots of restaurants to eat at. It was crowded at the river walk. We took a boat ride. It was nice, it went all over the river and you got to see what it was like.

IMG_0051 (2)u

They really pack you into those boats. They put chairs across from you so you have no room for you legs. You keep bumping knees.

IMG_0050 (2)

They tell you all about the history, but the guy driving our boat had such an accent, it was hard to understand what he was saying.

IMG_0053 (2)u

After the boat ride we went into a souvenir shop. I got a pretty t shirt that says River walk. I always buy a t shirt when I go places. My son got a bullet lighter. It looks like a giant bullet. He thinks it is so cool.  We then walked downtown and found a taxi and went back to the RV park. We were then going to drive to Carlsbad Caverns but the park said the cave was closed until April. They are working on the elevator.

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