Weekly photo challenge: Geometry

The weekly photo challenge is Geometry.

I thought what is geometry. I looked it up on Google and it is basically different shapes, like squares and circles and triangles and many other shapes. Then I started looking around my house and saw there were many geometric shapes.

Like this sun, it has many different shapes. I also bought a new rug the other day and hung it on my bedroom wall. Even my lamp is gemetric shaped.

I bought a 6 foot tall blow up turkey for my yard. I put it in my yard for Thanksgiving. I have never, ever seen a big blow up turkey, so I bought it. This morning, I saw the group of brown wild horses across the street. They are these horses.

They were running down the street the other day. Anyway, today they were coming up a path across the street. I went into my house and got some apples and cut them up and waited untill I saw all the horses. I walked into the middle of the street and they all circled me. I dumped the apples in the street and moved out of their way. They ate them faster than you could blink an eye. I moved up into my driveway. They walked into my yard and my neighbors yard. A couple of the horses walked over to my deflated turkey and started trying to bite at it. I think they thought it was something to eat. I didn’t want them chewing it up, so I plugged it in. It blew up big and tall and they moved away. When it was big, they didn’t like it. One horse walked up to it and then backed up. It then started walking on the sidewalk but it still didn’t like the turkey, so it backed up and then crossed the street, keeping it’s eye on it, just in case the turkey ran after it. I didn’t want the horses tripping over the strings that hold it down and I didn’t want them chewing on it.

Anyway….I took a picture of it from the back tonight to show you the geometric shapes.

I went to the 99 cent store today. I bought some really nice Christmas ornaments. This tree topper is a great geometric shape. I bought it to hang on the pine tree outside. I also got some cute ornaments to hang on the tree outside too.

So if you look around, you will find many, many geometric shapes.

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