The last post I mentioned the rocks all over the beach in Washington. I am putting up a picture of them. This is just a picture of a few. There were thousands of them, all sizes. I didn’t get a picture of the hundreds of trees. There were more along the shoreline. I did get a little bit by the water.

The rocks are all round and some are flat and smooth. They come in all sizes. There were lots of people walking around looking down at the rocks.  They would find what struck their fancy and put it in their pocket. I looked all over for a heart shaped rock. I didn’t find one. I did find one that was spotted. I put it on a big rock and took a picture of it.

I didn’t keep it. I left it there for someone else to see it. I did pick up a couple of flat rocks to take home to paint a picture on it, but I put them back. A sign said “Do not take anything.” I guess that even means rocks.



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