Weekly photo challenge: Selfie

The Weekly photo challenge is Selfie.
I got a new puppy from the Humane Society about 3 weeks ago. She was 4 months old. She is the color of pennies so I named her Penny. I took her in the car, she sat on my lap. I took this picture of us waiting in the car. My husband went into a store. She acted really good in the car.
I took another one and she looks better, I cropped me out of it.
I have lots of pictures of her, better ones but this is a Selfie.

Weekly photo challenge: Object

The Weekly photo challenge is object.
This is the instruction: In this week’s challenge, I’d like you to use one tangible object as both your inspiration and subject. It can be the obvious focal point of your shot — like my husband’s juggling ball above, snapped on a beach on the north shore of Kauai. Or you can get creative and find other ways to feature your object — the only requirement is it must be somewhere in your frame.

I have this glass flower in a glass ball. I set it outside on my hottub cover….in the water from the snow. It is lightly showing.

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