Weekly photo challenge: Waiting

The Weekly Photo Challenge is Waiting.

I bought a new artificial Christmas tree a couple of days ago. That thing was squeezed so tight, it took me a few hours to pry the branches apart and then fluff them all open. It is like it was stuck in a machine that squeezed it so tight so they could cram it in the box. So I had it all arranged to look like a tree and I bought some red ornaments to put on it. Then I spent the afternoon waiting for my son to come home from school to help me put on the lights. So here is the tree “waiting” to be decorated.

While I am waiting for help with the tree, I am also waiting for the drier to get done drying clothes. Sometimes I open the door and just wait to see if those clothes will magically pick them selves up and march into the closet and just jump on the hangers.

They never do. It would be nice to have magic like in Harry Potter movies….sigh.

After doing the dreaded folding of clothes, which by the way I wait a long time for them to dry. I am always waiting for the clothes to stop drying….so I can put another load of clothes into the drier.

I finally get the tree decorated. I did it all in red. Now I am waiting to put presents under it and will be waiting until after Christmas…..until I can take it down.

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