Wild horses not getting along.

The wild horses came on our street today. They like to eat the grass in people’s yards. I looked outside and they were right across the street. There were 4 of them. This light colored one was laying down and the brown one kept bothering the light one. They were nipping at each other.


Those two kept it up a little while but they then started walking away. Then I heard noise a little later. The neighbor lady was standing in her driveway, clapping her hands yelling at the horses. They were ignoring her. First they all had to poop in the road. Right across from my house. When one goes, they all go. Then these 2 brown horses were really getting into biting each other. I kept snapping pictures.


Look at those teeth. They were in the middle the road and stomping and jumping up on two legs. They were not happy with each other.

DSC_0002 (2)u


They did that for a little while and then took off running down the street. I didn’t want to chase after them. I got the pictures I wanted. I think they were trying to establish who the dominant one is.

DSC_0007 (3)

They didn’t made any noise doing it though, just pushing and biting and jumping.

Weekly photo challenge: Life imitates Art

The Weekly photo challenge is Life imitates Art

The wild horses have started walking around the neighborhood again. I took a picture of them.  I then made an artistic picture of them.


Here is the original of them.

IMG_0012 (3)

More horses

There have been a lot of wild horses going thru the neighborhood. Two days ago, I came home from getting my son from school. I saw a group of horses walking down the street. These are the pictures from that day.

I got two carrots and walked towards the horses and broke up a carrot and threw it to them. Then they started practically running towards me. I threw the whole carrot down and walked back to my house.
They went down the street and started eating grass in yards. Some guy down the street blew a horn and had his yard rigged to zap them somehow, because they took off running away. It sounded like a taser gun.
Bye horses.

Weekly photo challenge: One

The Weekly photo challenge is One.
I saw this wild horse the other morning. I walked over as close as I could get to it and took it’s picture.
one It was at 7 am in the morning and was so cold outside. Later when I picked my son up at school, he got out at noon that day, another horse walking on the sidewalk by his school.
These are wild horses and they walk where ever they want to. The horse here was with 3 others but they were further down the road.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Saturated

The Weekly photo challenge is Saturated.

The horses are back so I took a picture. The grass is saturated with different colors of horses.
eating grass
The red rose is so bright red and colorful.
I like to saturate my pictures with lots of colors. I do here and it is free. You can add several colors and effects. I put of green sunglasses and birds and different color effects. I went wild with saturation on this photo.
I just saw more horses, so here is a picture of them. I stopped my car and a colt just walked in front of my car and then stopped.

Weekly photo challenge: HOME

The weekly photo challenge is HomeIn a new post specifically created for this challenge, share a picture that evokes HOME for you.

My home is in Reno, Nevada. It is surrounded by beautiful mountains. This is what I see from my home.


And wild horses roam. I saw these horses in a field next to our neighborhood. I stopped and took their picture.


Weekly photo challenge: Unique

The weekly photo challenge is Unique

I have seen a few wild horses around the neighborhood lately. The colts are unique in the markings. Look at this one. The white mark on his nose looks like a 7.


This one came over to me a couple of days ago, when I stopped to take pictures. His white marking looks like diamond shape.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Beyond

The Weekly Photo Challenge is Beyond.

This is a big open field. Beyond that creek, to the left is a big group of wild horses.beyond

Today we woke up to Frozen Fog. You could not see much “Beyond” the fog. It was weird, like being in a dream. The trees were all froze white.


Here are the horses that I zoomed with my camera. Beyond the first group of horses, up on the left is another group of horses.



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