More wild horse pictures

One day, I saw two groups of wild horses, standing in this big field, beside our houses. I stopped my car and walked over to the field to look at all the wonderful horses. There was the group of brown horses, standing on one side of the field. Their brown leader stallion was standing there, watching over them.

The black stallion was the leader of the heard of all colors. His heard was bigger. Every once in a while the black horse would charge over to the brown leader and they would circle each other and snort and stomp their feet and look at each other. Then the black one would move away and stand there and watch the other one.

The horses of all colors, brown, white, and black and cream color, all walked over to the fence to look at me.

These two colts were playing. They would jump and run circles around each other. They were so cute.

The black stallion walked up and looked at me once.

He looked all dusty up close. They all walked away from the fence and went over to the middle of the field. They are so beautiful and wonderful. The BLM are rounding them up. Go here to sign a petiton to stop them from being sold to slaughter houses.

Sign the petition here. I did.

They are so beautiful.


Weekly photo challenge: Geometry

The weekly photo challenge is Geometry.

I thought what is geometry. I looked it up on Google and it is basically different shapes, like squares and circles and triangles and many other shapes. Then I started looking around my house and saw there were many geometric shapes.

Like this sun, it has many different shapes. I also bought a new rug the other day and hung it on my bedroom wall. Even my lamp is gemetric shaped.

I bought a 6 foot tall blow up turkey for my yard. I put it in my yard for Thanksgiving. I have never, ever seen a big blow up turkey, so I bought it. This morning, I saw the group of brown wild horses across the street. They are these horses.

They were running down the street the other day. Anyway, today they were coming up a path across the street. I went into my house and got some apples and cut them up and waited untill I saw all the horses. I walked into the middle of the street and they all circled me. I dumped the apples in the street and moved out of their way. They ate them faster than you could blink an eye. I moved up into my driveway. They walked into my yard and my neighbors yard. A couple of the horses walked over to my deflated turkey and started trying to bite at it. I think they thought it was something to eat. I didn’t want them chewing it up, so I plugged it in. It blew up big and tall and they moved away. When it was big, they didn’t like it. One horse walked up to it and then backed up. It then started walking on the sidewalk but it still didn’t like the turkey, so it backed up and then crossed the street, keeping it’s eye on it, just in case the turkey ran after it. I didn’t want the horses tripping over the strings that hold it down and I didn’t want them chewing on it.

Anyway….I took a picture of it from the back tonight to show you the geometric shapes.

I went to the 99 cent store today. I bought some really nice Christmas ornaments. This tree topper is a great geometric shape. I bought it to hang on the pine tree outside. I also got some cute ornaments to hang on the tree outside too.

So if you look around, you will find many, many geometric shapes.

Baby horse chase

The herd of brown horses were on the street today. They were down the street, eating grass in a yard. They were all brown, but I don’t know if these were same herd of brown horses I saw the other day. I didn’t see the S4 marked on these. I was waiting for them to walk by. All of the sudden, from the other end of the street, a young horse was running down the street. I think it got separated from the other group of horses that I have seen before. In fact I think it is this horse.

Some people were running after it. It was scared and it saw the brown horses and was going to run toward them. The brown horses didn’t want anything to do with the colt. The colt saw that it was not his group and started running away. The brown horses took off running after the colt, like they were going to attack it. The colt was running fast around the corner, and all the brown horses were running after the colt.

The people ran after it. I said “That colt does not live with those brown horses, why are you chasing it?” They said they were trying to turn him around. They did not see his group of horses.

Later the brown horses came back to my street. I did not see the colt they were chasing. I hope it found it’s family of horses. I took some carrots to the brown horses and one came up and I fed it two carrots. It came right up to me and at the carrot from my hand. Then 4 other horses came up to me, but I didn’t have any more carrots to give them. I walked away, they followed me, but then turned around. I took pictures of them right next to me, but I noticed my camera said memory card error, so the pictures didn’t take. All I got was the top picture I put up.

This is the other group of horses that the colt got separated from. I did not see them today.

Scared horses

Saturday the horses came on my street. My husband went to the store and called me on the phone. He said to go look outside. I went outside and saw a big group of horses right across the street. I ran inside the house and got a carrot. When I went back out, the horses were gone. I saw these two little girls standing on this pathway, right across from my house.  They started walking down the path, and I went on the path to look for the horses. They were up ahead on the path. The path ends and there is a big wash. The horses were all bunched up and some children were running at the horses. The horses ran down into the wash, there were 16 of them. Then the horses started coming up out of the wash. They went back on the path again. The little girls were standing a few feet in front of the horses and they started running at the horses.

The horses ran away, but two horses looked like they were running at the little girls. The girls were small, like 3 and 4 or 5 years old. The girls looked like they were going to run at the horses. I yelled at the kids to stop and get away from the horses. I told them they could get hurt running at the horses. They stopped. Then their parents come around the corner, calling their children to them. I told them their kids were running at wild horses, they could get kicked or stomped or hurt by running at horses and scaring them. I followed the horses. They went back up the street and got away.

I was scared their little kids would get hurt or killed by them. The parents were not even watching their kids. Later they knocked on my door. They were selling cookies. They recognized me and thanked me for saving their children. I told them never to run at horses.

I have not seen the horses lately, I wonder if they scared them off.

Horses calling each other

This morning, I went outside because I was telling my husband that the people next door had bags tied onto their trees.  They have not moved in yet, they ripped up the carpet and rolled it up and put it in the garage. They are putting down a wood floor.

I guess they hung bags in their trees to scare the horses. I then saw 2 horses and two baby horses come around the corner. I ran into my house and got a carrot. They walked by me and the older horses didn’t stop. The two baby horses came over and ate the carrot as I broke off pieces and threw it to them. They they went to join their mothers and walked around the corner.

I didn’t see them but they were making whinny noises to the other group of horses. This big group of horses came around the corner and was calling to the other horses. Then the baby horses come running around the corner, making whinning noises and running to the big group.  They found their family. It was so cute. One ran up and ran in the middle of the group, making lots of noise. They were rubbing noses.

They stopped and ate some grass nextdoor and walked on down the street. I didn’t stay out and watch them anymore today.

Sunday post: Autumn (Wild horses).

Jakesprinter has Sunday post. Today he said to put up Autumn pictures. It is still hot where I live this September 16th day. Right now it is 89 degrees outside. Today I was watering my wilting bushes in my front yard because I have to dig a hole to plant them. I saw a horse on the corner so I ran and got my camera. Then I saw more and more horses. I told my son to get a carrot, so he got a couple of them and I threw them toward them. They walked over and ate the carrot, that was in the road. They were getting a drink of water in the gutter.

There were 16 or 17 horses, they all started walking in the street right beside me.

They walked right past me and some came up in the yard right beside my yard. I don’t have grass, but the lady next door to me does. They came up into the yard and was eating her grass.

They went across the street and was standing in the yards, some of the colts were laying down in the grass, taking a nap, one was scratching his head on the sticks by a tree.

They stayed there a while eating the grass, then they kept walking down the street, into peoples yards.

I could walk really close to them, they didn’t bother me. They were healthy looking and their coats were shiny. They were beautiful.

Weekly photo challenge: Hidden

The weekly photo challenge is Hidden.

Nevad has a lot of mountains. We were going on a drive to a dam state park which was a couple of miles away. This is what Nevada looks like.

There is a river by the highway and mountains. We saw a road that ran up into the hills, so we pulled off to drive on it. It is called the USA road.  The road was not real noticable. Driving down the road, we saw a lot of warehouse distribution centers. They were big. There was this Wal-mart one that was huge. We continue going on the road. The road ended, so we turned around. There were hills all around and the grass was golden color. That was when we noticed all the wild mustangs that roam the mountains. There were lots of wild horses, Hidden from view of the main road. If we had not pulled off the highway and drove up the canyon, we would have never known there were herds of wild horses.

These were far away. You can click on the picture to make it bigger. We drove further and saw some right by the road.

I like this white one.

This was a nice surprise to find wild horses, hidden way up in the hills of Nevada.

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