My son wants to be a zombie for Halloween

My son wants to be a zombie for halloween. In his photography class, his teacher told him to take a black and white picture of himself and make it into a zombie. I went to and made him a zombie. They have different effects to put on your picture.

I watched some Youtube videos and saw a lot of videos onĀ  how to do zombie makeup. One girl just glued on toilet paper on her face and drew teeth and it looked great. We went to Walmart in the halloween section and we bought this zombie’s eye. It was only $5, which is better than $28.

That should be interesting getting that thing on. I need to go buy some grey to match it for his skin. I also bought me some light up fingertip gloves. They are really neat. The tips flash in different colors constantly. I am going to wear those while I pass out candy.

Happy Halloween. Update: The actual Halloween makeup.

We didn’t use the zombie eye. He could not see well out of it. I just did the makeup and used fake blood. We cut up his shirt and put fake blood on it. I had him lay in dirt for this picture. He loved his look.

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