UFO shaped clouds


Today I saw these two huge circle clouds. My husband said “Those are clouds hiding the UFO’s.”   I said “Yeah, probably.”


Author: Connie T

I love to make videos, cooking ones and legos ones. I like to draw and paint and make crafts and read blogs. I have a Nikon D80. I also use my new Canon Rebel. I don't really notice not much difference in pictures between the Nikon D80 but I bought for the video use. You can not use Nikon to make a video, it is not on the camera.

7 thoughts on “UFO shaped clouds”

    1. I posted this photo on the local news facebook page. They used the picture on the news weather part. The weather guy said he loved the UFO shape. They are called Venticular clouds. He even said my name. It was neat that they used my picture.

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  1. UFOs use cloud concealment in a variety of ways. One way is enveloping clouds, which would be like you concealing your hand in a bag full of cotton balls. Then there are cloud skins, where the cloud is thin and tight around the UFO, like concealing your hand in a skin tight rubber glove. I had a five minute stare down with a UFO in a cloud skin during my lunch hour. This was around noon, smack in the middle of Phoenix near a busy intersection. I was on the back side of our building where I work, out of sight from the intersection. I was dumbfounded by what I was seeing at first, then eventually began to realize what I was looking at. I reached behind me to grab my camera, but when I turned back around it split, as in instantaneously gone. Poof! Within a second or two the cloud skin had fragmented, like dropping a china plate on the floor.


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