Virginia City, NV

Virginia city is 14 miles from my house. You go over a mountain to get to it. My son wanted to go there to eat lunch and walk around the old town. It is like an old western town. They still mine silver and platinum and gold. There are a lot of old buildings and the sidewalks are made of wood and slope and twist and dip and are little hard to walk on. We walked the whole street looking for a place to eat. There are old saloons with long wood bars. We went into a few shops that sold stuff like old knives and little bottles of silver. I almost bought one but thought what would I do with it once I got home. My son wanted this old knife that had a little pistol mounted on it, it was dull and looked like a cap gun. The guy wanted $50 but I thought maybe $20 is all it was worth. It was one of those, this is neat but he would just put it in a drawer and never look at it again. We didn’t buy it. I wanted a t-shirt that showed a long bar with horses sitting on the bar stools and said Virginia City, but they didn’t have one in the store, just the window. I didn’t get a t-shirt.

We found a saloon with a menu out front so we went in to eat. They had a sign “See the suicide table.” It was this old poker table in the back, all worn out, under glass. The sign said 3 men commented suicide on that table after losing all they money. If you think about it, it is gross. I didn’t look at it long. The town was not very busy. It was a Tuesday and half of the businesses were closed. The food was good in the restaurant, saloon.


I had chicken fingers and my son had a clam chowder in a bread bowl and hubby had the most delicious meat ball sandwich. The 3 guys at the bar stood up and grabbed their canes. My husband heard them say “We can’t drink more, we have to drive home”, as they stumbled out the door.

We walked around the town after we ate. There is a saloon called Bucket of Blood. It is usually packed on the weekends, but it was empty when I looked in the door. It does have a neat name.

IMG_0015 (2).JPG

It was getting cold, that town is almost 7,000 feet. We drove home. You can see the mountains, covered with snow across the valley. That is where Lake Tahoe is, way up in the mountains. It is a steep, twisting, turn road to get back down the mountain.


Another painting

I signed up for another painting. I love the Vincent Van Gogh painting Starry Night.

I looked on the class schedule for paintings they are going to teach. The place that I go to had the Starry Night painting. Well their version of it. It is pretty hard to paint in 3 hours. I think I might work on it at home a little more but I had to hurry along. The teacher painted it really fast, so there I am trying to mix the paint like her colors and by the time I do that she is almost done with her part so I am just splotching on paint as fast as I can but she is moving on to the next step and I am not done with the part she just showed……it is very stressful. I don’t think I will paint another picture there for a while.

Here it is though, I framed it because I used to live in Florida and I painted a lot of pictures and bought frames for them. I have a lot of frames. I might just repaint another one and take my time and do it better, not rushed. I may do it in oil. This is acrylic. I like oil because you can put more texture into painting.


Really good Vegetable Soup.

When we ate at the Harrah’s buffet, my husband had a bowl of vegetable soup that they had. He said it was really good. He then went to the store and bought a few cans of vegetable soup. He said they were awful. It was just carrots that was mushy and green beans and corn. Yuck.

We looked at the menu on a few restaurants in town and they don’t have much choice for soups. While we were at the grocery store I said I would try to make a soup. A nice hot bowl of home made soup sounded great to me. I bought a big can on cut up tomatoes. I bought a jar of Better than Bouillon vegetable broth flavor. We bought a big yellow squash and a light green one. (I think it is called Mexican squash. It tastes a lot like the yellow squash.)  1 can of white beans.

I watched a Gordon Ramsey video where he made a vegetable soup with some butter beans, but it gave me an ideal of what I wanted to do to my soup.

Cut up an onion, I chopped it into cubes and then my chopper broke. I cut up 3 carrots into little cube shapes. Pour some olive oil in a big pot and then add the onion and carrots. I don’t like celery but Gordon chopped up some for his soup. I added some garlic salt and celery salt. Stir the onions and carrots over the heat until the onions get a little soft. Then put 1 spoon of tomato paste in it. Stir it around and let it cook for a little while to take out the bitter taste. Drain the can of beans and add the beans. (My husband said next time put more beans in so I will buy 2 cans.) I added about half a can of the cooked canned tomatoes with the juice.(The big can.)

I made the broth with 5 cups of water and 5 tsp of the Better than bouillon vegetable broth flavor into hot water. I also put 1 tsp of chicken stock flavor (same brand) into the water. Stir that up until it is all dissolved. Pour that into the pot. Stir it all up. I put a couple of shakes of the complete Badia seasoning  into it.  I love that stuff. You can order it on Amazon. That is where I got mine. My husband cut up the squash into bite size pieces.

Stir it all up and cook it a little under medium heat for 40 minutes. (Gordon says to take the froth off the top from the beans. The froth make it bitter he says.) I scooped up the froth I saw on the top and threw it away. Just cook it until the carrots are tinder. I added some salt and pepper at the end to taste.

It was so good. Hubby said it tastes better than the soup he ate at Harrah’s. It tastes so good that he told me to double the amount so he can save some to eat later. He spooned the left over soup into about 2 jars for later. I did take a picture of it when it was cooking.


I made a loaf of garlic bread and we had that with the soup. Yummy.

Sunset sky

The sky was cloudy last night. We went out to eat at Harrah’s casino buffet. Oh, the food was so good and it is half off for locals. I told my husband I was going to buy a steak for each for us and they were $12 a pound. The buffet costs $10 each and it is all you can eat with your drink and dessert included. They had prime rib that was so good and tender. Yummm. I had a baked potato, prime rib, a bowl of clam chowder soup, a roll and then I got a piece of pecan pie and a wonderful cup of coffee and 2 crème brulee. I love that stuff. So….when we were driving home the sky became so colorful from the sun going down. First it was yellow and grey and so pretty.


Then it started turning pink and orange and the shapes of the clouds were amazing. I stood in the parking lot of a store just taking pictures. The sky changes constantly.


The light around the dark cloud is so orange.

img_0019 The clouds went on and on, turning circular and beautiful.

My new painting.

Tonight I went to a painting class. It is offered by a new business called Canvas Junkies.

I saw it beside the Domino pizza place last month. I came home and looked it up online. They have a calendar that shows what they are going to paint and then you book the class online. They provide everything, the canvas, paint, an instructor who tells you how to paint the picture. There were a lot of people there to paint the painting. It was a lake picture of Lake Tahoe. I liked the picture.

You watch what she paints and you paint it. It is fun but you really have to pay attention to how she does it and try to recreate it. Every one does it different. It is hard to mix the paint to the exact same color she makes it, but in the end it does not matter because nobody will see her painting, just yours.

It gives me an ideal about how to paint one of mountains and rocks if I want to do one on my own. It was a fun evening out. I took a picture of the painting but the dark color does not show up as dark in a picture. I framed my painting because I had a frame to fit it. I hung it up. I am going to sign up for another picture in a couple of weeks.


Weekly photo challenge: H2o

The Weekly photo challenge is H2o.

I thought about this picture. I grabbed a vase I bought in January at Quartzite, AZ. They sell all kinds of neat stuff there. This is a stone vase that I think is beautiful. It is so heavy that it was bending the shelf over my TV where I had it, so I had to move it. I took it to the kitchen and turned on the water at the kitchen sink and took pictures of the water spilling out of the vase. Who knew that there are so many bubbles in the water. The camera captured them. I think it looks neat.


This next picture is from the train trip I took in Colorado. The train followed a river so I took lots of pictures of the water.


Weekly photo challenge: Nostalgia

The Weekly photo challenge is Nostalgia.

What better item for Nostalgia than an old steam engine train from 1923. We just got back from a vacation. We went to Durango, Colorado. We bought tickets to go on the coal steam train to Silverton, CO. It is an all day trip. The tracks are not as wide as regular train tracks.

The seats are smaller too so it is kind of uncomfortable to squeeze into that seat with someone for 7 hours. The train really rocks and lunges and it is hard to walk to the next car, the concession car. They sold a cup with a lid for all the refills you want for $8.50. The trick was walking from one car to the next with the drink in your hand. I needed to hang on so I pushed the drink into my sweatshirt pocket.


When you go to step on the ramp, the ramp shifts quickly from side to side and it scares me. It seemed like the concession car really rocked so it was really hard to stand while waiting to be waited on. I got hot chocolate, which tasted really good, but so hot. The second serving I got, the lady put a little ice in it for me. It was much better to drink.

The train had to stop a couple of times to fill up with water. This is the train stopped, filling up with water. The water was spilling over the sides of the train car.


We stopped at Silverton, CO for 2 and a half hours. We got there a little after noon. We walked around this old town. The streets are dirt and mud. They  only had 1 paved street. We found this old saloon, restaurant and went in and ate lunch. We had the best lunch ever in that  place.


I even walked up to engine and had my picture taken beside it. The thing spews out ash, when I got home I had chunks of ash in my hair. It was cold and raining so I bought a sweatshirt that said Silverton, CO and put it on over my t-shirt and then also had on a zip up sweatshirt. It is 9,000 feet high in Silverton.


It was a fun, but long day. When we got off the train for lunch, the conductor said that people that were taking the bus back could catch it at 3:oo pm. We didn’t know that you could take the bus back. I would have done that. The train goes 20 miles per hour. It is so slow.