Painting of my Magical Book

I painted this two days ago. I love how it turned out.



I am writing a post about neighbors.

I barely know my neighbors. I have lived in my house for almost 6 years. The neighbor on the left of me is from Russia or around there. She is 49 and has a son that is 22 I think. When I first moved in I was outside in the front yard doing a lot doing yard work. We took out all the grass and I dug a ditch to make a small looking wash covered with river rock. It was very hard to dig because the dirt around here is very hard. I would have to soak the dirt with water to get it soft. We put rock all over the yard and planted trees and bushes. My neighbor would come out in her yard and never say a word to me. Not even hello.

She then got a boyfriend who moved in with her. He would be in the yard and talk to my husband over the fence. He told us she wanted to have a baby. She was 48. He did not want to have a baby. She would talk to us sometimes then. They broke up after a couple of years. I seen her Facebook page and she always poses in bikinis in the freezing water at Lake Tahoe in Feb with snow all around. She dresses in short skirts and tight clothes like she is 20.

One day there was a beat up truck parked in front of our house. I thought it was a friend of hers. It was trash day so my trash can was at the curb by my driveway. The person in the red truck hit my trash can and knocked it over and drove off. I ran out and they didn’t stop, they just sped away. I marched over to my neighbors house. Just as I was about to knock on the door, the door opened. She jumped back. She said “Why are you standing here?” In her heavy Russian accent . I told her I was about to knock on the door. I asked her if she knew the person in the red truck that just drove away. She said “No, I don’t know that person, who are you?” I said I was her neighbor . “Which house?” She said. I pointed to my house which is about 20 feet away. “You don’t look like the person that lives there. You have no hair.” I told her I have no hair because of chemo treatments. I told her the person ran over my trash can and some of the trash fell out of it. She followed me to the trash can and helped me fix it. The stick was knocked out of the hole. It is there for the garbage 🚚 truck to grab and lift up the trash bin to dump it out. It was really hard to push the round dowel back into the hole. I told her she didn’t have to do it, my husband can do it. “Oh you mean Doug”, she said. She knew his name. Probably because her boyfriend, that left, was also named Doug. I said yes. She was persistent and finally fixed the trash can. I thanked her as she walked away. It will be the one and only time she will talk to me. It is not one of those “I baked you a plate of cookies for Christmas”, type of neighbor relationship. I should wave at her the next time I see her and say “Hi” but she would yell “Who are you, why are you talking to me?”

This is the rocks I have painted.

So far I have painted 4 rocks. I painted the one with a rooster for a friend. I sent it to him. It cost $7.15 just to send it. I don’t think I will be sending rocks to people anymore. But he is sick and I wanted to cheer him up. It cost less than flowers to send. This is what I painted. After my friend saw it she asked me to paint her a rock. I am going to paint a heart with dots. It is called a mandella rock. Not sure how that will turn out, but I found a heart shaped rock. She has been my friend for 43 years. I can’t turn her down.


I then painted two small rocks for Christmas. You paint the head on one and the body on a little bit bigger rock. I painted Santa. I love it. It is only 3″ long. You can put magnets on the back and  put them on your fridge.


I count that as 2 rocks. The next rock I love. I make it spooky. I found a rock and painted it like a book. I painted an eye and put puff paint for the blood tear coming out of the eye. I used colored pencil to color in the front of the book. I will show more as I do them.


I looked for rocks.

I am laying in bed. I just woke up.  All snuggled up in my new soft sheets I got at Costco. They had them on sale for $12.99 one day. It is 56 degrees outside, a little chilly. It rained last night. I watched the big puffy grey clouds cover the sky. Bolts of bright lighting would flash across the skyline. Bright and big, zigzag to the ground. Then a loud crack, rumble of thunder. My dog would start to bark at the noise. It was quite a show. I got my camera to take a picture but lighting is to fast to take a picture. I just started to record it. Maybe  I can get a picture from that of the bolt of lightning.

Yesterday we went to a place that sells rocks. My husband got out of the car and went in the office to see if we could get some rocks to paint. I have cancer. From the chemo treatments it made my hair fall out. It also screws up the nerves in your legs and feet. It kind of makes my feet numb and burn. It feels like I am walking on blocks of wood full of needles. My hair is growing back a little, it is about 1/4″ long. It looks like peach fuzz.

So I slowly walk  in the door of the rock office. I tell the guy that I want a couple of river rocks to paint. I would pay for some, how much? He said “Take what you want, no charge. Wow, he was so nice. He probably looked at bald me and felt sorry for me. People are really nice to me. We drove over to the big rocks. It was very muddy and my husband said he would look for a rock, I had to stay in the car. He didn’t want me falling on the rocks. I sat there saying “Get that one, the light tan one sitting on the grey rocks.” . He found it but it was cracked. He found me four rocks. He got a big round one. He wants me to paint a pumpkin rock.

I told my husband to drive up the mountain on Geiger grade road. I told him to stop at this little pull out. He pulled over. There were pretty colorful rocks. He got out of the car and found a nice flat white rock with red copper veins through it. It is square shaped. It might make a nice rock to paint on. We then drove home. I later got some paper and drew some pictures. I practice drawing to make sure I can draw a picture on a rock. Here is a couple of pictures I drew. I have been trying to draw a chicken so I can draw it good on a rock I want to paint. I am sending it to a blogger friend who is sick, to cheer him up.


I just wanted to draw a cat, so I did. I might paint one on a rock. I put a hold at the library on painting animals on rocks. This one guy on the internet paints cats and dogs and birds on rocks and get hundreds of dollars for them.


I liked this abstract rock, so I drew it. I might paint that on a rock if I find one shaped like that.


I met an internet friend today for breakfast. She is in town so we met downtown and ate at a buffet. It was so nice meeting her. I have read her blog for years. We talked for 2 hours. It was wonderful meeting her. I am so happy to have met her. Thank you Annie for meeting me.


I had a delicious Banana crepe with caramel on top with whipped cream. So good.



I want to paint rocks.

I painted a rock with a eagle on it when I was a teenager and gave it to my grandmother. I saw on the news that people paint rocks now and hide them for people to find. I found several Facebook groups with painted rocks. I am amazed at the talent that people have. They paint beautiful rocks.

I went to the store and bought some paint and the dollar tree has paint and small smooth rocks so I bought a bag. Half of the rocks in the bag I bought were awful, cracked and broken but there is about 10 that I can use. I went outside and looked in the yard for some rocks that were smooth, I have some river rocks. I need to go to the river to find bigger ones. I want to paint this one. I think it is beautiful. It was painted by someone else and posted in one of the groups to show. It is an underwater scene. I think I will paint a dolphin, not the whales. I love dolphins. Isn’t that rock amazing. I need to find one like that.


A friend of mine that I met on the internet got sick and went to the hospital. He and his wife are so nice and they were traveling and met me for lunch a few years ago. I gave them an ocean painting that I painted. He sent my son a few arrow heads that he found once.

I told them that I would paint a chicken on a rock and send it to them. I found the rock, and practiced drawing chickens. Now I have to paint it.

This is a picture of me I took today. Have a great week.


Mama bird

I have a pine tree I planted in my front yard. It is in the center of my yard. I planted it 4 years ago and it is growing big and green. There is a bird, I think it is a Morning Dove sitting in it. Sitting in a nest she built. Not up high in the tree, in fact I can walk right up to it. I saw 2 eggs in the nest when she flew away. Every time I look, she is laying on the eggs. I took a couple of pictures of her.


Then today I went out and took her picture.


Maybe I will see baby birds soon.