Weekend Coffee share 4-30-2016

It is Weekend Coffee share. If we were having coffee I would tell you about different things I did this last week.


Last night I could not sleep because the cowboy song kept playing over and over in my brain.

I want to be a cowboy and you could be my cowgirl. Yippy yi  yippy yo yo. That is what keeps playing my head. Over and over and over. It is a song that I listened to the other day and it is like stuck in my brain on repeat.

I now hate that song SO much I am going to go get the flash drive I put it on to play in my car and delete it off. I hate when songs get stuck in your head. Does it do that to you too?

See I have been putting all the songs I ever had on CD’s onto my flash drive. I ran across that song and played it a lot and then I recorded myself singing that song because I wanted to see what I sounded like singing it. UGHHHHH, don’t do that if you can’t sing well.

I was at Costco the other day and they had a sale on photo books. I bought one for $12.99 and I have to go online to their photo department and load up like 45 pictures to put in that photo book. I have been going through old old cd’s that I put pictures on and searching through all my flash drives to add pictures to my computer to put in that book. That takes hours to do. The pictures are old and taken with a crappy camera so I am going to try to type the date on the picture and adjust it to not look so bad in my Corel photo program. That will take hours. I want all the pictures of my son when he was little up till now in that book. I also got 50 free pictures from Sam’s club for signing up with their photo dept.

My husband said he wanted 2 more pictures in the living room. When we would go to a National Park last year I would buy a poster in the gift shop and we framed them and put them in the living room. I have Death Valley and Canyonlands and Arches and a few more.

He wanted two more so he looked on the internet and they are expensive. I said I would look through my pictures and enlarge a couple of them. I checked Sam’s Club and they sell large pictures. I found two, one of a beautiful hot pool at Yellowstone by the Yellowstone lake and one of Flaming Gorge in Utah. They only charge $9 each for a 20″x24″ picture. I had them made and they make them so fast. In fact I put it in to make and then the lady called and said my picture was done. I had just put in it to be printed. I went and got them and they are so nice. We framed them and hung them and I think that they look better than the quality of the posters that I bought at the parks.

DSCN1199 (2).JPG

Well that is all I can think of today. Go to the link at the top of the page to join in the weekend coffee share.


Sometimes I put things on Tumbler, just quick thoughts. I write them down sometimes with a picture and post them. Nobody reads them on there but this is a dream that I had the other night.

The Daily Post: Masks


One time I made a mask. My son was in kinder garden. His teacher said he was going to be in a school play as a chicken. I had to dress him like a chicken. I thought “Great, how do I dress him to look like a chicken”. I looked up how to make paper mache. This is what I made. I had to pad it inside so my son could see out of it. It was ok for this short play and the teacher really liked it.


chicken 001

I was really into drawing pictures on his t-shirts so I drew the chicken. I used those sham wipes for his legs and yellow gloves for the feet.

The daily prompt: Whisper

DSCF1124 (2)

I could hear the whisper of the wet snow hitting my car this morning. I drove to the end of a road and parked the car and watched the flakes fly by.

The sky was grey and the wind was howling. I stepped out of the car to take a picture of the snow covered mountains. Snow flakes were pelting my skin. The wind was bone chilling cold. You could not see the mountain very good because the snow in the air was hiding it.

DSCF1120 (2)u

I got back into my car and turned up the heater to warm up. Sat there and looked at the snow blowing by. I put the car into drive and drove home with the snow hitting the windshield, wipers flicking back and forth. Pulled into my driveway and got out of the car and stood in the snow, just watching it blow by. Watching the many shaped flakes hit something and vanish. Sometime snow is just magical to watch. Like a whisper, here and gone.

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Pink Himalayan crystal salt

I love my new Wolfgang Puck salt and pepper grinders. My husband took them apart and put batteries in them.


I went to the store in search of salt and pepper for them. We went to Whole Foods because he wanted to look for cheese. I said I need some yellow potatoes for dinner tonight. He called me over and said “Here is a bag of yellow potatoes, do you want those?” They were $8 for a small bag. Ummm NO, I got those at the 99 cent store for 50 cents a bag a few weeks ago. $8, they must be crazy. As we were walking to the cheese section we passed the fish section. They had Ahi tuna for $27 a pound. Oh gee, I’ll get two pounds of that. NEVER. He got this little thing of cheddar cheese spread. I went over to the spice isle. I got a jar of peppercorns that was $4 and they had a jar of pink Himalayan salt crystals for $9. I was going to get it but I put it back. I would go check Winco. It is a grocery store that sells things in bulk. You can buy just what you need.

We drove to Winco and I got a bag of yellow potatoes for $1.49. I went the back of the store and got a little bag of peppercorns for $1.14. That stuff is $11 a pound. You put how much you need in a bag and write down the number and weigh it when you pay for it. I found this giant container of the pink Himalayan crystal salt. I took a couple of scoops of that and put it in the little bag. That cost 44 cents. I only needed half of it for my grinder, so it holds about 22 cents worth. Whole Foods wanted $9 for a jar of it.

Isn’t the pink salt pretty? I love how it looks. I found about how it is good for you too. Himalayan crystal salt is far superior to traditional iodized salt. Himalayan salt is millions of years old and pure, untouched by many of the toxins and pollutants that pervade other forms of ocean salt.

I love the grinders you just push the top and it grinds. I bought some colored carrots at the store and came home and made my slow cooker chicken and put in the colored carrots. My son wanted more carrots so I made him peel about 20 more carrots to put in the cooker. He loves carrots. Of course I had to put in some salt and pepper.

Weekend coffee share 4/23/2016

It is time for Weekend coffee share.

DSC_0003 (2)cup

If we were having coffee I would have to tell you about my obsession with flashlights. It is not an obsession……really. I just like to buy them. I use them at night to see what time it is or when I get up in the dark in my motorhome. Sometimes we go to campgrounds with no electricity, so I use flashlights for light so I don’t run the vehicle battery down. Maybe I am reincarnated from a caveman at the beginning of time who stumbled around in the dark and says “I need light.” The thing is though, flashlights stop working for me. I bought a pack of 3 good flashlights at Costco, Duracell metal ones. I used one and in about 1 week it just went black and will not turn back on. All 3 of them did that. That totally sucked. Harbor Freight gives away flashlights. They have a coupon if you buy something you get a flashlight. I have lots of those. I stopped doing that because I don’t need anything from there.They do have great dog beds for $8. They always give 20% off coupons to use for one item. I got some dog clippers and dog beds from there.

I buy chicken from Sam’s club in a big pack. It is $1.88 a pound. I take home the chicken and seal it in those sealer bags. I used to buy the refills at the store and those are so expensive. I looked on Amazon and they have 11″ x 50′ vacuum sealer bags for $20.54 for two rolls. They don’t fit in the sealer but it is so easy to just get a paper cutter and cut them yourself. I measure out 9 inches and cut it and seal the end and them put the chicken in the bag and seal it.

DSC_0013 (2)u

These bags work great. They are not as not as thick as the Foodsaver bags but they work great for freezing chicken or steak.


I watched Wolfgang Puck on HSN. I have wanted his battery operated salt and pepper grinders but never buy them. I told my husband the next time I saw them on HSN I would buy them. I ordered them as soon as I saw Wolfgang using them. I didn’t call in this time either, I just ordered them on the computer. It is much faster than calling on the phone to order. Then I saw him selling a little rice cooker. I got one in orange. That is the color my son wanted. They came in so many pretty colors. It was on sale for $19.95. They always sell out of everything he sells on Home Shopping. I got it for my son because it will be easy for him to come home from school and make a serving of rice. He love rice. He is wanting to learn how to cook food. Wolfgang was using the rice cooker to cook lots of stuff with. He made mac n cheese with it. I watched how he made it and I am going to make mac n cheese in the rice cooker. You can even cook cake in it. I am going to try that, just to see how it comes out. Cake in a rice cooker…..who knew.

I just got them delivered. I am so excited to use them. They are nice.


I also ordered some of the knives he had. I got them for my motorhome. After that I stopped watching him because it makes you want to order everything he has.


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Weekend coffee share 4-16-2016

It is that time to have weekend coffee share.

Lets get some coffee made. DSC_0002u

I also have Shasta cola, (I like it better than Coke), root beer, hot cocoa. Now I have to tell you about some of the stuff I have been doing. It looks like Sirius did cancel my service like I asked them to. It seemed like they didn’t want to do it but they did. FM radio is just fine for me. I can also plug in a flash drive and play the music I like. I discovered a neat feature on my car radio. It will find a song on the flash drive. I have this flash drive that I have been putting songs on. I plugged it in and the thing has 440 songs. Wow, I didn’t know it has that many songs. It is mostly all of my son’s songs. He buys albums on Amazon with 30 songs on it. I save them after they get put on his MP3 player.

I went to Amazon and asked for free digital songs. I got one called “Stupid song.” I put it on the flash drive and I wanted to play it for my son. I started wondering how I was going to find the Stupid song. My husband asked the radio to find the “Stupid song.” He didn’t really believe me that it was really named Stupid song. Next thing I know the “Stupid song” came up and I hit play. My got in the car so I played it for him. He likes the “Stupid Song”. My husband said “That is a stupid song.” I said “Exactly.”


I saw an article about the 10 worse dog foods made. I buy Iams prolife for my dog. It is $10 for a 7 pound bag. I just bought a bag of it yesterday. I read the list of the worst 10 dog foods and there it was at number 5, on the list. “OH NO!” The first ingredient is chicken, but the second ingredient is corn. I guess that is bad for dogs. I returned the Iams dog food to the store and bought a new dog food that is on the good list. Wait I just asked if what I bought on another web site and it said what I bought is not good for dogs either. Now I am confused. I opened the bag and my dog will eat it until it is gone. It was on a good list and one other web site says it is not good. Darn.


I am knitting a new hat. I finished the red one that I made for my husband. That was real fun. (NOT). The yarn was so thick. I knitted the entire hat. Hubby tried it on and it was too big. Big and so heavy.

I unraveled the hat and made a smaller size hat. I gave it to him, it is not too big but the yarn is so thick and heavy. I told him his head will be really warm in a blizzard, possibly in Alaska or even the North Pole.


I am now knitting me a hot This is half done. I will finish it with the gold yarn. I have one more row before I change colors.


Well I have to go shrink wrap a lot of chicken breasts I bought. I will talk about that next week. Have a great day.

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Weekly photo challenge: Dinnertime Miso soup.

The Weekly photo challenge is Dinnertime. My son loved eating the Miso soup at the Ichiban Japanese restaurant. He wanted me to make it. I bought him a package that you just put in water and it makes a bowl but he wanted me to find a recipe and make it. I searched the internet and looked at YouTube videos and found one recipe. The ingredients for it were sold at an Asian Market. First you have to make Dashi. It is made from dried kelp called Kombu and some Katsobushi which is dried Bonito Flakes.

I went into the market and told the clerk what I was looking for. She read the ingredients and took me to where the stuff was. It was a good thing because the writing on the bag was in Chinese and I could not even tell you what it says.

DSCN1194 (2)

Here is the back of the fish flakes bag. Try to follow those directions.


I also got some tofu and miso paste.

To make it you take 4 cups of water in a pan and take one of the dried kelp pieces. I think it is sea weed. You put it in the water and heat at medium heat until just before boiling. Then you take out the kelp. It smells like the ocean.


Next I measured out 2 cups of the Bonito flakes. Boys the bag stinks when you open it. It smells like a strong old fish smell. It smells awful. You put the flakes in the kelp water and let the water boil, then immediately turn off the heat. Leave it for 5 minutes and strain so you just have the broth. It is now Dashi.

DSC_0002 (2)u2

Cut up your tofu into cubes. My son cut up half a package but he said next time he only wanted a 1/4 package. A half is a lot. The recipe calls for 1 package. I used the medium tofu because the clerk said to use that.

Boil the Dashi and then add the tofu. Reduce heat to low and take 4 tablespoons of miso paste and put it in a little strainer basket and dissolve the miso paste into the Dashi.

You have to stir it around in the screen strainer until it dissolves. I guess it will break up the tofu if you just drop it in and stir it. Take care not to boil it.

Add green onions that you sliced up. My son cut up 2 but he said next time he only wants one. Remove from heat and eat.

I then made him some teriyaki chicken and rice and this is how it looks when it is all done.

The soup tastes pretty good. I am amazed something that good came out of those fish flakes. Who knew. My son ate almost the whole thing. I meant the whole pan on the stove, the 4 cups worth.