Thankgiving day

My day started out with a strange dream.

I am in this house. This girl grabs my arm. “Hide, under a table.” We crawl under this table. She is frantic. “There is a vampire woman in the house. If you eat these, you will be safe!” she says. She is stuffing something in her mouth. She throws them at me. “What are they?”, I say. She ignores me. I move away from her and hide behind a couch. I hear a crash, this vampire woman comes into the room. She is growling and knocks over the table. The woman under the table, is grabbing the red things she told me to eat. I put one in my mouth, just to be safe from the vampire. Is is cinnamon red hots. I love red hots. I didn’t know they would keep you safe from vampires. The woman is fighting with the vampire. She stuffs red hots into the vampires mouth. The vampire is screaming and smoke is coming out of her mouth and ears. She turns and sees me. Oh no! I grab for the bag of red hots. I stuff more into my mouth. Maybe she does not like cinnamon tasting blood. I start eating them and look at the bag. It is now a Hershey bag and the red hots are cinnamon Hershey’s chocolate. I think “Since when do they make cinnamon chocolate Hersheys. The vampire grabs me. I am eating those cinnamon chocolate drops like crazy and starting to panic. Then I wake up. “Whew, it is just a dream.” I am glad it is just a dream, but such a strange one.

It is Thanksgiving day here in the states. I bought a turkey to cook.

It is a small turkey, but it is only for me, my husband and my son. I cook turkeys in a turkey bag. (They are special clear oven bags). They always turn out delicious cooked in those. You just put the turkey in the bag with some flour, put on the tie thing that comes with it and cook it for 2 hours, well my size of turkey will be 2 hours. Take it out of the oven and eat it. No mess and the oven is clean. I am making carrots in the pressure cooker. Pressure cooked carrots are the best. I make mashed potatoes and gravy. I am having Stovetop corn bread stuffing. I love that stuff. Cranberry sauce. My husband also wants one of those green bean casseroles with cream of mushroom soup and Durkey Fried onions mixed in the soup and beans. That tastes good. I have brown and serve rolls. I bought a cinnamon color candles for the table. We went to Costco and bought their pumpkin pie. It is the best. They must sell thousands of them because they had lots of pie sitting out. The store was packed yesterday with people getting the pies. I got an apple pie too.

I had a piece of that last night with a big scoop of vanilla ice-cream. Yummy.

I bought a case of these cute little coke bottles. I love Coca-Cola. Isn’t these cute?

The price is not cute though, $20 for 24 bottles and they are only 8.5 ounces each.

I will be watching for their hourly specials, they have this folding chair coming up, that I want to see if they mark it down cheap. This cook stove is coming up at 5PM I might try to get, if it is a bargain. I thought I would try to get it, to cook on when I try to make pickles. It made a mess of my stove when I was trying to cook them. I am not going out and fight the crowds for any sales. I tried that last year, it was a giant crowd and awful just trying to get around the store. Never again.

I know some of you don’t have Thanksgiving day where you live. We get the holiday off and have a nice day. You that don’t have Thanksgiving, have a great day today. Thanks for reading my blog. I will try to remember to take a picture of the cooked turkey, but I might be watching for the sales on
Amazon. They are going to have a Sony 16GB memory card on there later. I hope I get that one.

Update: We ate the turkey too fast for me to get a picture. I was so busy getting the stuff on the table and the turkey cut up that I didn’t get a picture. It was so good. I didn’t even have pie.     I didn’t get a thing on black friday sale. I looked and the things I wanted sold out in like 2 seconds. It came available and then it was sold out. That totally sucked. I drove by RC Wiley tonight (to take back a movie I got at Redbox in front of the 7-11 store}. There were 2 people covered in blankets, sitting there for the store to open tomorrow morning. They are going to wait there all night for the Black Friday sale tomorrow. It is supposed to get to 32 degrees tonight. I would not sit in a lawn chair all night in the freezing cold just to buy something on sale. They must want something bad to do that.

My son wants to be a zombie for Halloween

My son wants to be a zombie for halloween. In his photography class, his teacher told him to take a black and white picture of himself and make it into a zombie. I went to and made him a zombie. They have different effects to put on your picture.

I watched some Youtube videos and saw a lot of videos on  how to do zombie makeup. One girl just glued on toilet paper on her face and drew teeth and it looked great. We went to Walmart in the halloween section and we bought this zombie’s eye. It was only $5, which is better than $28.

That should be interesting getting that thing on. I need to go buy some grey to match it for his skin. I also bought me some light up fingertip gloves. They are really neat. The tips flash in different colors constantly. I am going to wear those while I pass out candy.

Happy Halloween. Update: The actual Halloween makeup.

We didn’t use the zombie eye. He could not see well out of it. I just did the makeup and used fake blood. We cut up his shirt and put fake blood on it. I had him lay in dirt for this picture. He loved his look.

Scared horses

Saturday the horses came on my street. My husband went to the store and called me on the phone. He said to go look outside. I went outside and saw a big group of horses right across the street. I ran inside the house and got a carrot. When I went back out, the horses were gone. I saw these two little girls standing on this pathway, right across from my house.  They started walking down the path, and I went on the path to look for the horses. They were up ahead on the path. The path ends and there is a big wash. The horses were all bunched up and some children were running at the horses. The horses ran down into the wash, there were 16 of them. Then the horses started coming up out of the wash. They went back on the path again. The little girls were standing a few feet in front of the horses and they started running at the horses.

The horses ran away, but two horses looked like they were running at the little girls. The girls were small, like 3 and 4 or 5 years old. The girls looked like they were going to run at the horses. I yelled at the kids to stop and get away from the horses. I told them they could get hurt running at the horses. They stopped. Then their parents come around the corner, calling their children to them. I told them their kids were running at wild horses, they could get kicked or stomped or hurt by running at horses and scaring them. I followed the horses. They went back up the street and got away.

I was scared their little kids would get hurt or killed by them. The parents were not even watching their kids. Later they knocked on my door. They were selling cookies. They recognized me and thanked me for saving their children. I told them never to run at horses.

I have not seen the horses lately, I wonder if they scared them off.

Weekly photo challenge: Solitary

The Weekly photo challenge is Solitary.

I saw this catapillar bug, all alone, crawling along. I don’t know what kind it is, but is strange looking and solitary.

I was at the beach and took a picture of a chair, it was a cloudy day and this chair was just sitting there, all alone. I edited it at I gave it a texture to make it look more lonely and solitary.

Brown horses

A new group of horses came onto my street today. They were all brown. There were 12 of them. Some of them were marked on their hip S4. I don’t know why they were marked. The other groups of horses I have seen were all colors. They just eat grass and sometimes lay down in yards. They walk right by people and do not bother them.


Horses calling each other

This morning, I went outside because I was telling my husband that the people next door had bags tied onto their trees.  They have not moved in yet, they ripped up the carpet and rolled it up and put it in the garage. They are putting down a wood floor.

I guess they hung bags in their trees to scare the horses. I then saw 2 horses and two baby horses come around the corner. I ran into my house and got a carrot. They walked by me and the older horses didn’t stop. The two baby horses came over and ate the carrot as I broke off pieces and threw it to them. They they went to join their mothers and walked around the corner.

I didn’t see them but they were making whinny noises to the other group of horses. This big group of horses came around the corner and was calling to the other horses. Then the baby horses come running around the corner, making whinning noises and running to the big group.  They found their family. It was so cute. One ran up and ran in the middle of the group, making lots of noise. They were rubbing noses.

They stopped and ate some grass nextdoor and walked on down the street. I didn’t stay out and watch them anymore today.

Sunday post: Autumn (Wild horses).

Jakesprinter has Sunday post. Today he said to put up Autumn pictures. It is still hot where I live this September 16th day. Right now it is 89 degrees outside. Today I was watering my wilting bushes in my front yard because I have to dig a hole to plant them. I saw a horse on the corner so I ran and got my camera. Then I saw more and more horses. I told my son to get a carrot, so he got a couple of them and I threw them toward them. They walked over and ate the carrot, that was in the road. They were getting a drink of water in the gutter.

There were 16 or 17 horses, they all started walking in the street right beside me.

They walked right past me and some came up in the yard right beside my yard. I don’t have grass, but the lady next door to me does. They came up into the yard and was eating her grass.

They went across the street and was standing in the yards, some of the colts were laying down in the grass, taking a nap, one was scratching his head on the sticks by a tree.

They stayed there a while eating the grass, then they kept walking down the street, into peoples yards.

I could walk really close to them, they didn’t bother me. They were healthy looking and their coats were shiny. They were beautiful.

Weekly photo challenge: Everyday life

The Weekly photo challenge is Everyday life. This challenge is all about people and the things they do every day: working, eating, drinking, chatting, dreaming, walking, exercising, or any of those things we do all the time without really thinking about it. You might think that your neighbourhood isn’t very interesting, but imagine that you’re giving a guided tour to someone from the other side of the world—what’s normal for you might be extraordinary to them.

With that in mind I decided to take pictures of my area. It is probably not extraordinary to you, but here goes.

Today I went to Home Depot. It is just 3 miles from my house, well probably a little less that 3 miles. We go there all the time to get stuff for the house. My husband just put in a water softener and has to get things to install it. He built shelves for the garage. I bought a lot of trees to plant in my front yard. Picture of that coming later.

Anyway while I waiting in the car, I took a picture of Home Depot. I am sure most of you in the USA have seen a Home Depot store, but who knows if you have one in other countries. See that big stack of white stuff on the right. That is wood pellets for pellet stoves. I want a wood pellet stove but I don’t know if I will ever get one.

I drive by this water area everyday, twice a day.  See the cows in the background, those are the cows I took a picture of the last challenge. The guys moves the cows around and today they are in a different field. There are always pretty birds in the water. I don’t think the water is very deep, but it is a natural spring area.

Another everyday thing I see where I live is construction of houses. I took a picture of the concrete guys pouring a house slab. It is kind of interesting. They pour the slab really thick, and shoot out the concrete from these hoses attached to this big truck. The guys guide the hose around and concrete shoots out of it.

Sunday Post- Morning

Jakesprinter has a Sunday post, this week it is Morning.

I woke up at 5:15 this morning. The Reno hot air ballon races were today. We got tickets for parking, so we were going to go. I didn’t want to get out of bed. The balloons are supposed to launch at 6:30. They also have a glow show, where the balloons air up in the dark. I didn’t want to be there that early. We got there about 6:15. It was very crowded. You walk out into a field and wait. They air up two balloons and launch them with flags. Then airplanes fly over while they play the national anthom.

Then we waited some more. The balloons didn’t launch. The guy spoke over the loud speakers. “The race has been called off. The wind is too strong, so there will be no balloon race today.” So it was over before it even started. We drove home. That my my Sunday morning.

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